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Section W-3N Conclave

Section W-3N Conclave
7169 Sierra Pines Rd
Twin Bridges, CA 95721, US
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Conclave is the premier Order of the Arrow event run on the Section level. Our section, W-3N, serves Arrowmen in Sacramento, Marin, San Rafael, SF East Bay, Redding, Reno, Elko, and everywhere in between! Last year’s Conclave attracted over 500 Arrowmen, and this year’s promises to only be bigger and better than the last!

The primary goal of the Conclave is to provide a fellowship event for all members of the Section, and to reach this goal the Section has five committees dedicated to the program and events you will encounter at Conclave! Whether you are interested in gaining leadership skill, performing ceremonies, learning about American Indian affairs, watching shows, competing in games, collecting patches, or even just hanging out with great people, Conclave is for you!

The Friday night of Conclave consists of our opening show, which sets up the theme and energy for the weekend. If you haven’t heard how loud five hundred Arrowmen can be, you may want to bring headphones! Shows are fun, interactive, and competitive, often pitting the Lodges against one another in friendly competition.

Saturday contains the majority of the Conclave program and promises constant adventure. In the morning the activities committee runs a variety of workshops that are interactive, with nearly no lectures or presentations, and focus entirely on hands-on experience; you are learning but this is no day at school! Late in the morning the Section hosts its annual Catapult Competition. Each of the five lodges brings a catapult and competes against the other lodges in challenges of accuracy and distance. These competitions, along with the afternoon competitions, all count towards the Feather Awards, the Section’s lodge level award which is given to the Lodge who best exemplifies the spirit of the OA and the Conclave. This means fighting hard in competitions (with gracious professionalism of course), bringing the highest percentage of people, participation in everything Conclave!

The afternoon of Conclave heralds more competitions and more adventure! The Conclave Midway attracts vendors from all over the Section to run booths with games and activities, and sometimes even prizes to bring home with you! Even the Lodges get in on the midway spirit and run booths of their own! The midway also brings some more physical attractions as well. Opportunities range from rock walls to dunk tanks, water balloon fights to blow up sumo wrestling rings, and from pinewood derby cars to bounce houses. Every year brings new additions to the Midway and new ways to enjoy your time at the Conclave! The afternoon also plays host to our American Indian Affairs (AIA) Village. The AIA Village gives you every opportunity to live and learn the life of a Native American. The village has teepees set with native crafts and regalia, as well as instructional courses on making the crafts and regalia so you can learn to make a set of your own! It also features the largest OA Pow-Wow in our area. Every dancer in the lodges, and even some from Native American tribes, come to show their skill and help teach those interested in continuing one of the most honored traditions of the OA!

Finally, Saturday night of the Conclave is our theme show, the big production of the year that incorporates the theme and message of the Conclave into the weekend! The theme show reminds us of who we, as Arrowmen, and is unique every year, no two exactly alike, and brings a fantastic conclusion to the day.

This year our Conclave is being held at Sierra Pines Camp. We are very excited to bring you this experience, and we hope you can join us on September 14-16 at Sierra Pines Camp for a weekend of Brotherhood, Leadership, and Service! To learn more about conclave, visit our website at conclave.sectionw3n.org for all the latest info! To register, go to conclave.sectionw3n.org/registration/ or click any of the registration links on the website! We hope to see you there!

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