Western Nevada Day Camp Alternative Registration
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Western Nevada Day Camp Alternative
Registration Begins
7/20/2020 3:00 PM
Last Day To Register
8/7/2020 11:55 PM
500 Double Eagle Ct
Reno, NV 89521, US
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Two choices in how you can participate in this great opportunity. First, signup and go to the Scout Office and work on your Cub Scout Shooting Sports Awards and then receive while there an Activity Bag to take home, to the park or wherever and have amazing fun. Second option, if you can't or don't feel comfortable doing the Shooting Sports at the Scout Office then you can simply have either the Day Camp In The Bag either picked up by one person at the Scout Office starting Aug 17th or the Day Camp In The Box shipped to you with all of the fun crafts, games, and activities.


  1. 10 Crafts
  2. 10 Games

Shipped to you will be STEM activities, Origami, games that the family or Den can complete, ways to experience electricity, answers to what you can do with an egg, pony beads, movements with rubber bands, balancing impossibility, and so much more. Plan to have fun with us.

We understand you have a concern paying for a box of activities - so we are putting something together that is AMAZING.

On August 12th we will email you the activities and any instructional videos you may need. Ready, set, fun!

Three Registration Types:

  1. Attend and do Shooting Sports at the Scout Office and Pick Up Your Activity Bag ($40)
  2. Have your unit (one person) pick up the Day Camp In The Bag from the Scout Office starting Aug 17th ($40)
  3. Have your Day Camp In The Box mailed to you and skip the Shooting Sports ($57)

Activity Bags/Boxes will NOT be available for pickup at the Scout Office. You can only get the Activity Bag at the Scout Office while attending the Shooting Sports.

Go do your activities with your family, friends, or Den. Have fun!


This Western Nevada Day Camp Alternative registration replaces the Western Nevada Day Camp at Davis Creek. You must register for this. All prior registrations for the Davis Creek Day Camp have been cancelled and refunded.

To repeat - you must register for Western Nevada Day Camp Alternative through this site.

A health form is not needed for this event however each Scout must have a Release Form completed and signed by the parent in order to attend. (Download Release Form - Coming 7/29). This Release Form must be handed in at the staging area.


To participate in the shooting at the office you will first arrive and pull into the staging area. Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to your start time. If you do arrive more than 30 minutes prior we will ask you to go wait somewhere else like at Sprouts around the corner. While in the staging area we will check you in. Once everyone is checked in and its time to begin we will ask the small group of cars to move to the parking area. Please stay at your car in the staging area and do not leave the area and walk around. Once you are moved to the parking lot you can get out of your car and proceed to go to the first shooting sports station you were assigned. Your time at the Scout Office is one hour and fifteen minutes. At the one hour fifteen minute mark we ask that you have moved your car and have cleared the parking area.


Our primary concern is to help anyone planning to attend Western Nevada Day Camp Alternative feel safe. We plan to have every Scout maintain a safe 6 feet distance from each other. Our shooting sports will be setup so that kids maintain a safe distance from each other. Everyone attending will have to wear a mask except while standing in the shooting position ready to shoot. Yes we are asking you to wear a mask outside. Equipment will be cleaned in between each use. Rubbing Alcohol and bleach wipes will be used to clean surfaces. Hand sanitizer will be available for your use. We will have restrooms brought in for your use.

We plan to limit to 10 Scouts per registration time period. Siblings are NOT allowed to attend regardless of how old or how young and you should not bring them or even leave them in the vehicle. The parent, guardian, or leader are the only ones allowed to attend and must go with the Scout.

We ask that you stay with your group and only move on to the station when instructed.

Our goal is to stay within all Local, State, and Federal guidelines and we need your help to observe these rules.

Unfortunately, at this time we plan to not allow any Scouts into the Scout Office building. 

Scout Shop

The Scout Shop is open Tuesday - Friday 1pm to 5:30pm. As an attendee you will not be able to leave your car in the Parking Area for the Western Nevada Day Camp Alternative. Please understand youth at this time are not going into the store unless needed for uniform sizing. We do encourage using our ordering process where you can simply pickup needed items. You can email the store at NACtpost@scouting.org. 




Below is a map for the event at the Scout Office.

$40.00 per 1:00pm Friday 8/14 Youth Registration
$40.00 per 10:30am Friday 8/14 Youth Registration
$40.00 per 11:45am Friday 8/14 Youth Registration
$40.00 per 2:15pm Friday 8/14 Youth Registration
$40.00 per 3:30pm Friday 8/14 Youth Registration
$40.00 per 4:45pm Friday 8/14 Youth Registration
$40.00 per 6:00pm Friday 8/14 Youth Registration
$40.00 per 8:00am Friday 8/14 Youth Registration
$40.00 per 9:15am Friday 8/14 Youth Registration
$40.00 per Day Camp In The Bag - Unit Picks Up
$57.00 per Day Camp In The Box - mail the box