The Foundation for Scouting's Future

For decades,  we have worked with councils and donors to nurture the philanthropic culture of Scouting. If you are a donor, your passion and resources are key to a vibrant future for Scouting. The Foundation uses your gift to support the Scouting programs and places where YOUR passions lie.   If you are a council, we work with you to support your major-gift fundraising efforts, enabling you to dream beyond your annual budgets.  Whether you are a donor or a local council,  we are honored to play an active role in cultivating your vision for Scouting.


Changes in Recent Decades

In recent decades, America’s youth have faced new demands for their time and attention. The family unit has shifted and technology has supplanted baseball mitts in the hands of boys. The future of the next generation is less clear. How will Scouting respond to the challenges facing today’s youth? Will Scouting continue to provide our nation’s future leaders? These questions are in the hearts and minds of all Scouters.


Your Passion for Scouting

The Boy Scouts of America National Foundation exists to help secure the future of Scouting. For decades, the Foundation has worked with councils and donors to nurture the philanthropic culture of Scouting. Connecting a donor’s passion and resources with Scouting is the key to a vibrant future.

Fiscal security enables local councils and volunteers to dream big and create innovative ways to engage today’s youth. When a financially stable council can increase staffing to meet the vast needs of local youth, Scouting grows. This is critical for the nearly 25% of local councils are understaffed relative to the youth they could serve. Strategies to increase endowment and major gifts are key to bridging this gap.

We continue to invest resources to provide support for major gift fundraising efforts across the organization. The Foundation is honored to play an active role in the future of Scouting. Let us assist with your gift planning. Click here for easy to use planned giving calculators and current financial news..


How to Give

As a BSA Foundation donor…

  • You determine where your money goes and how it will be spent.
  • Your gift to or through the Foundation can be to a local council, or any Scouting entity, and can be used for operating, capital or endowment needs.
  • You can make undesignated gifts to the Foundation and we will distribute the funds to councils and initiatives.
  • You can name other qualified charities, in addition the Foundation, as beneficiaries of a gift or trust-saving you time and expense.
  • We will keep you informed on the status and impact of your gift or fund.
  • We will ensure your wishes and passions are followed and supported.
  • We can serve as trustee for your gift providing competitive rates- saving you the expensive set-up and administration costs for a private foundation