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It is with great pleasure that we have begun the process of forming Nevada Area Council's Exploring Venturing Officer Association (EVOA).  The EVOA is part of the next step of leadership opportunity for the young men and women in your Crews and Posts.  While leading a Crew or Post on numerous adventures as your unit plans its yearly activities, your youth have gained valuable experience that will help them throughout life.  I hope that all of the Venture and Post  Members in your care have had or will have a chance at being leaders of quality programs and events.

But for many, the leadership opportunities provided by a single Crew or Post are limited in size and scope, and your young people are longing to do something bigger and better in terms of people involved, adventure to be had, or service provided.

This is where the council EVOA comes into play.  The council EVOA is run in many ways like a crew or Post, with a Council EVOA President and accompanying officers, but that meet to plan and implement program for the entire council, not just their own unit.  EVOA cabinets can plan council wide Venturing and Post events and are also involved in other EVOA activities put on by neighboring council's EVOAs, or by the Area or Region.

Furthermore for those involved, the Council EVOA are stepping stone leadership opportunities for similar Venturing and Exploring Cabinets for the Area, Region, or the even the National Venturing and Exploring Organizations.

While similar in scope and practice as the Order of the Arrow, that has been around a lot longer and has had more exposure, some of the key differences for the EVOA is that there are no joining requirements, any Venturer or Explorer can be involved, and that we of course encourage and enable the young women to participate in every capacity.


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