COVID-19 Updates for Camp Fleischmann

We are carefully considering how we can best serve our Scouting community for Summer 2021. We will be following COVID-19 national, state, and local guidelines as they evolve.

Camp Fleischmann COVID Guidelines 2021

Registration Forms & Resources


Troop Account Access

After your Troop reservation has been made, you will receive an email from Doubleknot with your receipt.  Keep this email.  On the receipt, down below the Cancellation Policy, is an area that states "To modify this registration or make additional payments, click here to login."  This is the link directly to your Troop account for Camp Fleischmann.  There are instructions on how to make your user name and password.  Be cautious as to who you give access to.  Anyone using this link can make changes to your Troop account. 



2021 Scoutmaster COVID Letter

2021 Pre-Camp COVID Checklist

The Merit Badge registration program will open up on May 15th. Use the link to your Troop account that can be found on your Doubleknot receipt, down below the cancellation policy--"To modify this registration or make additional payments." Your Troop account must be paid in full in order for the program to open up for you. I will be in the office, to help with any questions. Thank you for your patience. Linda 775-787-1111 ext 212



**Camp Fleischmann 2021 Merit Badge's Offered at Camp List


**2021 Merit Badge Prerequisites, Additional Activities and Training Sessions for Scouts and Scouters


***2021 Merit Badge Session Schedule


** Camp Fleischmann Weekly Schedule


**Trail To First Class Program


2021 Campership Request Form (to be used by in-council Scouts only)


2021 Council Events Additional Needs Form

2021 Leader’s Guide

2021 Shooting Sports Permission Form

2021 Registration Form for Troops, Mavericks and High Adventure Trek

2021 Registration Form for Alumni Family Camp

Medical Form 680-001 Parts A, B and C

Additional Resources

Bear Policy

Camp Fleischmann Rules and Behavior

Camp Map and Occupancy

Updated Color Map

Camping Activity Log

How To Sign Up for Merit Badges 


COVID-19 Updates for Camping 

National BSA Information 

COVID-19 FAQ    
Summer Camp Programs Communication  
A Healthy Camp Begins at Home

Nevada Area Council Information

July 1, 2020 NAC Update
June 1, 2020 NAC Update 

Nevada Area Council Risk Management Committee Information

. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Penttila, or 775-787-1111 x226.



For help or questions contact Linda at 775-787-1111 ext 212 or