2021 Pre-Camp COVID Checklist

If you have a Scout or Scouts who are unable to attend summer camp with your Troop, please don’t let them miss the opportunity!

Register them to attend as part of our Maverick Troop during the 2022 camping season,  OR register them with another Troop from your area where they may already know other Scouts. If more than four Scouts attend from a single unit, at least one leader from that unit must attend with them unless separate arrangements have been made and prior written approval has been granted by the Camp Director.  Otherwise, the Scout may attend Camp Fleischmann without a leader or adult/parent.  The "Camp Fleischmann Maverick Troop" provides 2 deep leadership.  Mavericks may attend camp Week 1 or Week 2.

Additionally, we will have a special Maverick Opportunity this year! This is a 2021 Pilot Program for Maverick Scouts who want to explore a “total immersion” in Camp Fleischmann’s “Mountain Man” program at the Ridge. Scouts will experience all that Fort Maxwell has to offer – Black Powder, Metalworking, Indian Lore, Tomahawks, Wilderness Survival, and more – all while camping at the Ridge. Week 2, July 3 - July 9, 2022, is Max Fleischmann Week-Mountain Man Experience.

If a Scout would like to come back for an additional week, he or she may do so for a fee.

To register, contact Linda Brant at the Nevada Area Council office. Phone: 775-787-1111 ext 212 or email: