Ready for an American Expedition in uncharted territory to discover new skills, strengths, and friendships?

Camp Fleischmann’s High Adventure Trek is unlike any other experience you can have at camp. You will explore rocky cliffs, cool waters, and wild forests, but still have time to enjoy all of the great features of regular Scout Camp.


Scout  Account Access

After your Trek reservation has been made, you will receive an email from Doubleknot with your receipt.  Keep this email.  On the receipt, down below the Cancellation Policy, is an area that states "To modify this registration or make additional payments, click here to login."  This is the link directly to your Trek account for Camp Fleischmann.  There are instructions on how to make your user name and password.  Be cautious as to who you give access to.  Anyone using this link can make changes to your account. 




Due to the Dixie Fire that swept through Camp Fleischmann  the end of July 2021, dates and fees for 2022 Scout camp are not available at this time.  We are working to find an alternative location for the 2022 summer camp program, and will post the information as soon as it is available. 

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Ready to conquer 30 miles of beautiful terrain?

Your experience beings Sunday night with a shakedown – gear inspection, drawing any needed supplies, and making final preparations. The entire journey will be led by an experienced Camp Fleischmann outpost staffer. Final preparations, orientation, and Leave No Trace training is completed Monday morning. After lunch, the real adventure begins.

Your journey will take you to Mount Harkness, Horseshoe Lake, Snag Lake, Swan Lake, Indian Lake, or Warner Valley Campground. Side trips and activities may include kayaking or canoeing on Juniper Lake, rappelling rock cliffs, or taking a side-hike to the Cinder Cone for the Fantastic Lava Beds, the Painted Dunes, and some spectacular scenery. You will put your outdoor culinary skills to the test and be in charge of cooking all of your own food. On Friday, you will trek back to Camp Fleischmann in time to participate in the afternoon’s festivities and the closing campfire.


2021 Pre-Camp COVID Checklist

High Adventure Trek Handbook

High Adventure Trek Itinerary

Guide to Lassen Volcanic National Park

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