You can do and learn just about anything at Camp. Here is a full list of all the things you can look forward to in Camp Fleischman's 9 main activity areas.

Waterfront – Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Swimming, Rowing, Paddleboarding, Lifesaving, BSA Lifeguard, Snorkeling, Mile Swim, Floating Water Slide

Climbing – Tallest Scout camp climbing wall in the West; day trips to a nearby natural cliff for climbing and rappelling 

Outdoor skills –  Pioneering, First Aid, Orienteering, Camping, Cooking

Trail to 1st Class – For newer Scouts to work on requirement up to the 1st class rank.

"The Ridge" – Wilderness Survival, Metalworking (Blacksmithing), Tomahawk Throwing, Black Powder Shooting, Indian Lore, Native American Pow Wow.

Nature – Environmental Science, Mammal Study, Astronomy, Fish and Wildlife Management, Fishing, Geology, Insect Study, Oceanography, Soil and Water Conservation, Weather

Handicraft – Basketry, Leatherwork, Woodcarving, Art

Shooting Sports – Rifle, Shotgun, Black Power, Archery

High Adventure Trek – 5-day, 4-night backpacking trip with high adventure activities, including rappelling 




Here is a brief snapshot of what life looks like at camp.

In addition to the activities below, there is a welcoming campfire at the beginning of camp and a closing campfire at the end which includes skits, songs, and stunts. All meals are pre-approved by a registered dietician.



Flag ceremony


Merit Badge Block 1: Scouts have 3.5 hours to work toward Merit Badges. If they finish early, they can relax back at campsites with free time.



Merit Badge Block 2

Free time: Enjoy the waterfront, Ridge (Mountain Man area), and camp-wide activities including the Scoutmaster bellyflop competition and service projects.



Evening activities: Campfires, Troop activities, Pow Wow, and more

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