Youth Protection Resources

The protection of youth is the primary obligation of every individual involved in the Boy Scouts of America — including leaders, parents, members and professionals. The BSA has been and will continue to be vigilant in its efforts to create barriers that help prevent abuse and to recognize and report child abuse regardless of where it occurs.

  • Scouts First Helpline -  As part of the BSA’s “Scouts First” approach to the protection and safety of youth, the BSA has established a dedicated 24-hour helpline at 844-SCOUTS FIRST (844-726-8871) to receive reports of any known or suspected abuse or significant violations of youth protection policies that might put a youth at risk.
    • The call is answered by a live person - day or night by a direct National employee from the National Incident Reporting office.  All information is kept confidential by National who then will inform the local council Scout Executive.
    • This is the first stage of converting the online Risk Counsel Incident reporting to the new Risk Connect due for roll-out in October.  Risk Connect will allow individuals and councils to complete incident reporting directly for all incidents, near-misses, etc.
  • Incident Information Report - This form is to be used with events or allegations of injury, illness, or property damage, including employment and issues with directors and officers.
  • Youth Protection/Membership Incident Information Form - This form is to be used for events or allegations of abuse, violations of BSA guidelines or policies, inappropriate behavior by a Scout/Scout leader/parent/other.
  • Guide to Safe Scouting - The purpose of the Guide to Safe Scouting is to prepare adult leaders to conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner.  Access the PDF version here.

Certificate of Liability Insurance Request
Please CLICK HERE to submit request online at least one week in advance of your activity to allow for processing. Information needed to process:  
Information needed for request:
Unit type and number 
Date and time of activity 
Name of activity 
Name of Certificate Holder - Location (park, school, campground)
Physical address of location of event 
1-2 leader names with phone numbers
If you need additional assistance, please contact the council at  or 775-787-1111. 

Tour Plans

The BSA's Tour and Activity Plan has been terminated effective April 1, 2017.  There is no longer a required process, Scouters are reminded to conduct the Scouting program consistant with BSA rules, regulations, and policies.  Flexible risk assessment tools are summarized in the Guide to Safe Scouting, and detailed in the Enterprise Risk Management Guidebook.

Click here for more information from the National Office.

Internet Advancement

Packs, troops, teams, crews, ships, and posts can submit advancement reports for youth members online.

Use Internet Advancement for the following:

  • Add ranks, merit badges, and awards
  • Update information on existing advancements (excepting the Eagle Scout Rank)



To Use Internet Advancement:

  1. Select the unit advancement processor. This person must have Internet connectivity and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. Obtain a unit ID code from the council. 
  3. Gather information for advancement, including merit badge applications and advancement records with dates.
  4. Click Internet Advancement on this page. Follow the instructions in Internet Advancement to process advancements and print an advancement report.

Have the appropriate people sign the printed unit advancement report and submit it to the council. Save a copy for your files.
Units should submit monthly before the end of each month, or more often if needed. In December, submit a report before the end of the month to update unit and council statistics.

How to upload Scoutbook advancements into Internet Advancement:

Step 1 - Data prep via Scoutbook

  • Use internet explorer
  • From your Troop page, scroll down to the Troop Report
  • Select Needs Purchasing Report
  • On the next page, under Approved Items, click the checkbox that says Select All
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Create Purchase Order
  • Click to the question to confirm that you want to purchase these items
  • On the next page, review the items in the top of the screen for the Purchase Order
  • Scroll down to the five buttons near the bottom of the screen
  • Click the Advancement Report and print/save the PDF for your records
  • Click the ScoutNET File button
    • select Just New Stuff and save the file onto your computer
    • Save the file to your desktop (don’t change the file name, don’t even open it, if you do, internet advancement may not work - save the file to your desktop for later upload)
  • Print pocket certificates
  • Click the Close Purchase Order


Step 2 - Uploading into Internet Advancing

  • Using internet explorer
  • Open internet advancement
  • Click on Returning user
  • Enter your login information
  • On the next screen, click Continue
  • On the next screen, click Upload Advancement File
  • Read the instructions on that page.
  • Click on Choose File, and find the file from Scoutbook
  • Click upload File
  • Check the report to make sure that all names were matched successfully
  • From the current roster page, click next
  • Click the Submit to Council button
  • Click the Print Advancement Report button
Helpful Links

  • my.Scouting - This is where you will find our online trainings, including:
    • Leader position-specific training for:
      • Cub Scouting
      • Boy Scouting
      • Varsity
      • Venturing
      • Sea Scouts
    • Commissioner training
    • Chartered Organization Representative training
    • Supplemental training including:
      • Weather Hazards
      • Safe Swim Defense
      • Safety Afloat
      • Climb On Safety
      • and more!